The Innovation Canvas is a tool for holistic design, ideation, and value creation. This work stemmed out of the 2012 Epicenter Retreat and started as a fruitful collaboration with Dr. William Kline and many other faculty at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. In order to show the development of the canvas over the years, the very first picture of the canvas and our Epicenter Retreat presentation are provided below.

 Version 1 of the Innovation Canvas

Version 1 of the Innovation Canvas

Over the past two years, we've done a lot of testing, development, and redesign of the Innovation Canvas. We've tested the canvas in design courses, ideation course, business courses, entrepreneurship courses, with faculty interested in innovation, and with industry representatives. We've facilitated a workshop on the Innovation Canvas at the 2014 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition in Indianapolis, IN. Each time we implemented the canvas our goals were to obtain as much feedback as possible while enhancing others' ability to use the canvas in their specific contexts.

These efforts have lead to scholarship related to the canvas including a conference publication/presentation (ASEE 2013), a conference poster presentation (NCIAA Open 2014), a journal article (JEEN Winter 2014), and a paper on assessing the effectiveness of the canvas in education (under review).

This effort has resulted in the following canvas. Along with the references cited above, more information about the Innovation Canvas can be found at

Blank Innovation Canvas A3V1.png