I teach and research innovation and entrepreneurship. This includes technology commercialization in academic settings. I've been educated in organizational design, management, assessment, and improvement, and have helped companies assess their internal processes and evaluate customer satisfaction. I am passionate about both helping others start companies and improving organizations that already exist. Despite this education and experience, I did not have any startup experience of my own. In the spring of 2013 this all changed when I co-founded a company with a great group of guys.

Our company, recently rebranded as IOI Partners, provides consulting services and workshops to business leaders in a wide range of contexts. Our mission is to

optimizes the outcomes of innovation efforts by helping business leaders align internal stakeholders with critical customer and company objectives. 

Needless to say, this experience has been and is continually an amazing learning opportunity for me. It also helps me bring authentic experiences to the courses I teach and research I conduct.