As I reflect on the type of work I've done my life so far, I recently came to the realization that I've done a lot of design work. This design work ranges from designing research studies, high school and university courses, instructional tools, workshops, business models, websites, and audio-video systems. My goal on this page is to highlight a sample of my educational design work.

I've been fortunate enough to be on the design and development team for three courses at Virginia Tech: Innovation and the Technology Leader's Mindset (ITLM), The Startup Class, and CREATE!. These courses teach students ideation, customer discovery (a specific form of market research), communication, teamwork, and some basic design skills. From these experiences, I've had the opportunity to directly apply what I've learned in my engineering education coursework and my experience as an educator. Needless to say, this process has helped me take the theories and principles from the literature and learn some of the intricacies that arise when applying them in the university setting (aka... the real world). Below you will find links to the ITLM and Startup Class syllabi. For the CREATE! course, I was brought on specifically to help my co-instructors incorporate the Innovation Canvas an ideation and design teach tool that will be described on the Innovation Canvas page.

ITLM Syllabus
The Startup Class Syllabus

As part of my work designing courses, I was asked to help explore how these courses could come together into a sequence. This design work was published as a paper at the 2013 NCIIA (now VentureWell) Open Conference. The first example below is a link to the paper written for the conference. This paper was written to detail and share the development team's work as we applied educational theory (Bruner's spiral curriculum, McNair et al.'s work on interdisciplinarity, mentoring/cognitive apprenticeship, and business model development) to an integrated series of engineering courses. For detailed information, see the paper link below.

NCIIA Open 13 Paper - Course Development and Sequencing for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Education

Hixson, Cory A., Paretti, Marie C., Lesko, John J., & McNair, Lisa D. (2013). Course Development and Sequencing for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Education. Paper presented at the NCIIA Open 2013 Conference, Washington, D.C.

Next, the following presentation associated with the above paper was presented at the 2013 NCIIA Open 13 Conference.