I don't need another project, but I have goals. I have a vision for where I want to go with my career and what it will take to get there. One of the things that I believe will help me is learning more about business - Accounting. Finance. Strategy. Investing. Management. Entrepreneurship. Etc. You know, the stuff you learn in an MBA program. Here's the issue though... as I'm ABD (all but dissertation) in an Engineering Education PhD program, I can't enroll full time in a MBA program. 

So, I'm going to do somewhat of an MBA program of my own. I acknowledge that it won't be as extensive as a full-time MBA program, but I know I'll learn a lot. Below I detail my progress - The books I'm reading. The courses I'm taking. The projects I'm doing to supplement the knowledge I'm gaining.

I recently learned about a program for non-business PhDs sponsored by the AACSB called the Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business program. Seems like a really interesting program for someone who obtained a non-business PhD, but is interested in a career in a business school. I'm currently exploring this program more so expect updates.

Books I've read or am currently reading

Online courses I've taken or am currently taking

Projects and Training

  • Lean Launchpad Educator's Training
  • Ice House Entrepreneurship Program