Rowan FEC II S2017

Office Hours: Due to lack of attendance... email for appointment (hixson (at) rowan (dot) edu)
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Here is the review packet, along with the solutions.

Good Luck on your final exams!!!!


Slide from Mr. Oestreich's talk: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up.pdf

Career Resources from Ms. Basantis:

Overview is at: (scroll down to “Freshmen Engineering Clinic Internship Presentation” link)

My resources are at:

Campus Resources are at:

Sample resumes:

Schedule for the rest of the semester:

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      * Should Complete Pathfinder Before Problems (due prior to start of class – by 10:30am)      **Should Complete Pathfinder Before and After Problems (After Problems are due prior to the start of the next class, by 10:30am, along with any additional Before Problems)

* Should Complete Pathfinder Before Problems (due prior to start of class – by 10:30am)

**Should Complete Pathfinder Before and After Problems (After Problems are due prior to the start of the next class, by 10:30am, along with any additional Before Problems)

Mar. 29

Sorry I forgot to post my prior updates to the site here. I've adjusted the due dates and all of the files have been updated.

  • Mass Transfer Lab Assignment due at the beginning of class on 4/3
  • Pathfinder Engineering Graphics by 10:30AM on 4/5

Mar. 3

  • Updated the Assignments and Files sections
  • Adjusted IP Pathfinder due date to 3/6 at 8:30AM
  • Don't forget your midterm is on 3/8

Feb. 22

  • Added files for weeks 5 and 6. If I forgot something let me know.
  • Based upon your feedback on the GameLab platform this morning, Dr. Bodnar and I have decided to pilot a change in GameLab that should address your concerns. For the next week (i.e. until start of class next Wednesday 3/1) we have removed all level based pre-requisites on the statistics quests and have increased each individual quest’s value by 10 XP from what it was originally listed as on the system. This should allow every student, if they want to, to reinforce their content knowledge of statistics and earn a bonus for doing so immediately after the content is covered in class. If the pilot works well, we will consider moving forward doing a similar reinforcement scheme for each content area as we cover them in class.

Feb. 8

  • I've included the files you may need from this week's lab and class in the files section below.

Feb. 2

  • Dr. Bodnar and I decided to drop the "After" Pathfinder exercises. You still need to read and complete the "Before" exercise as outlined in the schedule.
  • We'll hand back your Heart-Lung Literature Review on Monday 2/6 and you'll have the opportunity to redo the activity. Please review the SEC Style guide in the files below as well as the Written Communication Rubric. This is a one-time only opportunity. Other assignments will be graded as is. 

Jan. 26

  • 1/25 slides are in the files Week 2 files section
  • Updated Assignments List
  • Need to complete in General Laboratory Training:
    Register as new user
    Add a new course
    Select General Laboratory Training
    Bring print out of completed certificate to class on Monday or you won’t be able to participate in the lab

Jan. 23 - #2: (See files section for all files)

  • Introduced Heart-Lung Design Challenge. 
  • Added Written Communication Rubric Below.
  • Assigned Heart-Lung Literature Review.

Jan. 23 - Don't forget. We're meeting in WESTBY 111 at 9:30 AM this morning.

Jan. 18 - Class 1

I was great to meet you early today! I'm excited for the semester and honored to have the opportunity to help you grow as engineers, professionals, and people. This email contains a lot of important information so please read it carefully, and if necessary, multiple times, and in multiple sittings. 

  1. The website: your "go-to" source for the schedule, due dates, announcements, files, etc. URL:  - then click on the black "FEC II S2017" button. Bookmark this site. You'll want to have it readily accessible.
  2. The General FEC Syllabus and the Section 9 Syllabus: Go to the website above, scroll down, and download them from the "Files" section of the page. Make sure you read both syllabi.
  3. CATME (team formation): Your CATME account is created and your CATME name is your Rowan email address. You should have received a link to sign up and create your password. Please let me know if you did not receive this email.
  4. GameLab: You should receive an email from Dr. Bodnar. Please complete the first quest ASAP. This will give you access to a lot more quests that you can complete at your preference. Don't forget your first deadline on this is Feb. 17th.
  5. Pathfinder: Reminder the course code for our class is: z4p5Kvhn8fEQ68M. For those of you who have never used pathfinder... try the following. Go to PathFinder ( You won't be able to access your webbook until you submit your section's validation code (z4p5Kvhn8fEQ68M). In the meantime you can make sure you can log in. Your username is your Rowan email before the @ sign, e.g., if your Rowan email is, your Username is "smithj9". Your password is your last name followed by the last three digits of your Banner ID, e.g., Jane Smith (123123475) is "Smith475". Change it soon. Passwords are case sensitive, so capitalize the first letter of your default password. If you cannot get your password to work, use the "Forgot your password?" link on the PathFinder Manage Tab to get a new one. It will ask for your Rowan email address. If this process doesn't work... let me know.
  6. Lecture Slides: I've added the slides from today to the website in the Files section under Week 1.

Email sent on Jan. 16

I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to FEC II! 

My goal with this semester is to not only provide you with all the engineering skills you need to succeed but also to enable you to develop key professional skills that employers look for including entrepreneurial/design-thinking, project management, teamwork, communication and creative thinking. We are going to have a great semester together learning about product design, ethics, statistics, economics, graphics design and Matlab. 

We will meet for the first time on Wednesday January 18th at 11:00 am in Rowan Hall Extension (the new engineering building) Room #140. During that first class meeting, I will go through all of the course policies and expectations and we will do some fun activities to enable all of you to get to know one another a bit better.

In preparation for Wednesday’s class, please set up your PathFinder account by using the course access code: z4p5Kvhn8fEQ68M. We won't use Blackboard for FEC II so don't look for our site there. I will go over all of these details on Wednesday.


Tentative Schedule - Written Communication Rubric - Sophomore Engineering Clinic (SEC) Style Guide

Week 1: General FEC II Syllabus; FEC II 2017 S9 Syllabus; 3D GameLab Overview; Intro Slides
Week 2: Written Communication Rubric; Heart-Lunch Design Challenge; Heart-Lung Literature Review Assignment; W2 Slides
Week 3: W3 Slides
Week 4: W4 Slides; Lab Handout 1; Lab Handout 2
Week 5: Lab Handout 3; Stats Handout; Stats Handout SolutionW5 Slides; Z-stat table
Week 6: W6 Slides; t-stat table 
Week 7: W7 Slides; Key Principles for Eqns, Calculations, & Units; Purdue Owl Tables & Figures; Stats II Review Problem in Excel
Week 8: Midterm ReviewHeat Transfer Lab Handout
Week 9: Engineering Economics I;  Car Loan Activity Solution; Heat Transfer Integration into HL Machine
Week 10: Class Dataset for Mass Transfer Experiment; Mass Transfer Handout; Engineering Economics II; NPWB Example
Week 11: Design Report Overview; Design Report RequirementsPoster Presentation Guidelines; Poster Presentation Rubric; Engineering Graphics Slides

Past Assignments:

Heart-Lung Literature Review Assignment