Rowan FEC I - Fall 2016

10_13_16_FECI F2016 Schedule


Great session yesterday. You all impress me each time we interact. Thanks for you effort, engagement, and commitment to finishing strong.

The assertion-evidence resources I mentioned yesterday can be found at:

Remember this is A way to create presentations not THE ONLY way to create presentations.

Below is a recap of the deadlines:

Tomorrow, Friday Dec. 9th: 2 min (max) pitch is due. If you have slides or any audio-visual component to your presentation you need to email me those files or the link by 7AM tomorrow morning.

Dec. 19th by 8 AM (this is later than we talked in class because I won't look at them until this time at the earliest):

  1. ~30s-1min video for next year's incoming first-year students. What do you wish you new as a first-year student/engineering student? Remember these should be school appropriate and I expect them to actually add value to incoming students.
  2. The final you designed and answered. Must include the following components:
    • MC, Matching, Short Answer portion of ~15-20 questions. Remember, 15 questions assumes you have a few multi-part questions.
    • A reflection prompt with an example (aka.. your answer to the prompt) that in some way utilizes the engineering notebook, pathfinder, labs, etc. (not necessarily all of those resources, but it can)

I want to be very clear, as I was yesterday. I will support these activities in any way possible. I'll give you feedback and I'll meet with you to talk through things. Just note, I'm traveling the 15-18th so you'll need to meet with me before then.


Hey Team: Just sent you all an email that contained this memo and a copy of the Excel file for the data we entered this morning.

You should really read the memo. It contains a lot of good info and will help you prepare for Friday and next Wednesday.


Two quick notes:

We will meet in WILSON 213 this morning (same place we played the Pisces game).

Don't forget your first full Lab Report is DUE by 8AM today. Please, please, please follow the rubric!!!!


Our lab tomorrow is a spatial skills training session so we'll meet in James 2110!!

For those of you looking for your lab assignment feedback and the rubric... don't worry... it's coming.

Also, based on the fact that no one has needed office hours so far this semester, I'm changing my office hours policy to a "By Appointment" system. This is by no means intended to limit my availability, just adjust the system used to connect with me. 

If you'd like to meet with me, please email me to schedule a time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


1) Great job with the Pisces activity yesterday! You were all thinking hard about the "best" strategy and our discussion at the end was fantastic. I've attached the completed spreadsheet and added a copy of it to the Google Drive folder. 

I look forward to reading your reflections, which MUST BE EMAILED as PDF by Wed Oct. 19th at 8AM.

Notes about the reflection:

  • 1 page (1.5 or 2-spaced, whichever you need)
  • 1 paragraph about what you learned
  • 1 paragraph about how you saw ethics emerge during the session
  • 1 paragraph about how you would approach another 5 round session (assuming we start from where we left off yesterday)

2) I just received an email that my guest speaker for tomorrow morning had to postpone until Oct. 21. That's OK. We have plenty to do. So... WE WILL NOT HAVE CLASS TOMORROW. Instead, you should read (first) and complete both the "Before" and "After" exercises for 2 sections of Pathfinder by Fri. Oct 21st at 8AM. The sections I'd like you to read and complete are: "Rounding and Significant Figures" and "Uncertainty".

3) Attached is a copy of the Lab 4 procedures. YOU EACH MUST PRINT and BRING YOUR OWN COPY THIS WEEK. I will not print the procedures for you.

10/10/16: Pisces instructions and blank spreadsheet have been uploaded to the Google folder. I highly suggest that you and your team meet to discuss how to best play the game (aka.. use the spreadsheet to determine the best strategy). You will only have 5 minutes between rounds and 1 minute to make your decision. Remember, you need to eat 100 fish/person by the end of the game to get a 100 on this in-class assignment.

At least one person on your team should bring a computer. You'll want to fill in your own spreadsheet to keep track of how you're doing.

We will NOT meet in the food lab Wednesday morning. Check back here or check your email for our room location. (I'm trying to find a better room.)

10/06/16:  Check your email for the article I just sent you. Please ACTIVELY READ that article. For those of you who don't know what I mean by active reading:

10/04/16:  My intention is that this will serve as the page you will visit to keep up with schedule changes in the course and general announcements.

1) I've updated/organized the Google Drive 

  • Labs are now in their own folder. "Labs"
  • Non-lab assignments also have their own folder. "Assigns"
  • I updated the schedule (same as image on the right) as well as the full syllabus.

2) We'll be in the food lab tomorrow tempering chocolate and learning about energy, heat, etc. The "Lab 3" procedures are in the "Lab" folder on the Google Drive. I will print the procedures for you again tomorrow, but that will be the last time I'll print them.

3) Don't forget the Lab 2 deliverables (see the Lab 2 procedures) are due to me by 8 am tomorrow. Either email me the PDF or bring the hard copy to class.

  • I had a good question related to the difference between lab deliverables and what's included in your lab notebooks. My answer to the question is below:
    • You need to have all sections of a lab writeup in your lab notebook so when I check your notebooks everything is there. However, for the lab assignment you're turning in by the following Wednesday, I only need what's outlined at the end of the previous lab's procedures.