Be Careful!! Progress Can Creep Up On You

Lately, I've been seeing signs of progress all over the place. The most obvious is demonstrated by the fact that I live in/near a college town, and as with most college towns, they are constantly building buildings, changing traffic patterns, and performing general maintenance and improvements. These things, in general, actually improve the town and the quality of life in it, but they don't all happen at once. Buildings are built slowly; move dirt, pour concrete, frame the structure, and in Virginia Tech's case 😉, carve and place Hokie Stone one-by-one. Between this example and the new 3-4 year highway interchange project, it's hard not to see how progress changes a town. 

I've also seen progress more personally too. I currently entered myself into the job market which has required me to update my online portfolio, LinkedIn page, and C.V. as well as produce letters of interest for the jobs that will allow me to start my career. The interesting thing about updating and developing these materials is the fact that this process makes you realize the progress you've made over the years. I've also personally experienced progress by training for the Hokie Half Marathon.

The progress didn't, and often doesn't, occur matter how much we want it to. In this case, the professional progress I've made has occurred over decades - one class, project, publication, plan of study, dissertation, etc. at a time and by being open and willing to grow through one activity after another. The same goes with training for a long run. You don't start out running the race distance or hopeful pace. You slowly and methodically build up to your race distance and pace.

So, I leave you with this. How have you seen progress lately in your life? Isn't it great to realize how all that hard work has developed you into something more than you were before.